It’s Time to Clear Your Home of Junk. Here’s How to Do It Right

It’s on pretty much everyone’s to-do list. Well, everyone except those super-cool, super-modern “minimalist living” people. As for the rest of us, we’ve probably spent years accumulating a bunch of stuff we don’t really need.

Over time, these things affect the comfort of our homes. We start looking for places to put things, but we can’t find any space because of all that junk. You’ve been putting it off for a while now, but it’s time to do it. Here’s how you’re going to get your home decluttered.



Create a schedule

A good schedule is the key to doing pretty much anything in life correctly. You should make sure you’ve got the time to do this in the near future. Book time off work if you have to. Then you should put “HOME DECLUTTER” on your calendar.

Decide on a day. Pick a time. Choose a room. Don’t start putting the task off now – if it’s in your calendar, you’ve got to do it! If it makes it easier, consider doing a room a day, if only for an hour or two.

Think big, first

Are there any items in your home that are jumping instantly to mind? It could be that overly creaky bed. It could be those chairs you put up in the attic because no-one wanted to sit on them but you didn’t know how to dispose of them. It could be that bookcase you’re not actually using because you don’t actually have any books.



You may as well get rid of the big ones first. Once they’re gone, you’ll feel motivated to start leaning more to the “micro” side of things. You can hire a man and van to help you out with bulky things if you need it.

Throw sentimentality to the wind

One of the things that got us in this mess was our sentimentality. Many of us struggle to throw things away. While I don’t want to equate this struggle to people with compulsive disorders, I think many of us do have trouble letting go of small things.

You’ve got to be brutal about this. Do you not use it anymore? Do you not absolutely love it? Then it’s a prime candidate for leaving the house forever. And if it’s something that brings back bad memories, then definitely throw it out. It’s surprising how many people keep things that do nothing but remind them of bad times!

Trash, recycle, donate or sell?

Once you’ve decided on the things you want to get rid of, it’s time to decide how to get rid of them. You probably already trashed or recycled certain things while you were going through everything. But with the things that are left, you have several options.



Many people throw away electronics, but you may want to do it differently. You could sell them, or look into getting them recycled. Books can be given away to friends, or even given to charity. Books are one of the bestselling items of any charity store, so you’ll be doing them a massive favour! Clothes are also much appreciated by charities. And if you’ve found something that looks unique, try searching for it online to see if it’s worth cash to someone.